Axiom Pro 61

Advanced 61-Key USB MIDI Controller with HyperControl Technology

The M-Audio® Axiom® Pro 61 keyboard controller builds on the acclaimed Axiom 61 with premium TruTouch action, proprietary HyperControl MIDI mapping technology and other cutting-edge enhancements. HyperControl automatically maps the keyboard’s 65 controls to commonly accessed parameters in digital audio workstations including Pro Tools®, Cubase, Logic and Reason*, as well as software instruments. The constant two-way link with your host DAW means the keyboard’s controls are always in sync with your software’s active parameters. The intuitive graphic LCD constantly updates the current values, which ensures seamless editing and prevents parameter jumps—even when plug-ins are closed. Toggle instantly between Mixer and Instrument control modes. Map buttons to send QWERTY key commands right from the Axiom Pro 61. Save settings to 50 memory locations—each with four profiles of quick recall via the intuitive graphic LCD. Now you can control your entire session right from your Axiom Pro 61.

Enhanced DAW Integration with HyperControl Technology

Thanks to revolutionary M-Audio HyperControl technology, your Axiom Pro 61 controller will automatically map to commonly used parameters of popular software instruments and digital audio workstations including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and Reason* systems. HyperControl updates the virtual instrument or track parameter mappings of each control in real time as you sequence—it doesn’t get any easier.

The HyperControl Difference

While other controllers offer mapping, only the M-Audio Axiom Pro line has HyperControl technology. HyperControl synchronizes Axiom Pro with your DAW, ensuring that your hardware and software collaborate to form a single work environment. The technology utilizes the Axiom Pro 61 graphic LCD to group software controls together in a modular fashion. Similar controls are organized in named groups and accessed via four dedicated softkeys, which are continually updated to reflect the mapped parameters. A dedicated button toggles between Mixer and Instrument modes for instant hands-on control of all of your software’s functionality. Dedicated Track buttons allow sequential navigation of your mixer and instantaneous mapping of software instruments within the selected track. You can even control software instruments without opening them.

DAW Transport and Track Navigation

The six dedicated transport buttons on the Axiom Pro 61 controller give you immediate hands-on access to all of your host DAW’s playback and recording controls. Unlike other all-or-nothing systems, Axiom Pro 61 also features a transport-only mode. This option lets you access DAW transports and track navigation via HyperControl technology, while creating and controlling your own custom MIDI assignments for the trigger pads, buttons, sliders and encoders.

Expressive Playability

With great feel in a lightweight chassis, the Axiom Pro 61 controller provides a new level of creative inspiration. The M-Audio TruTouch keybed combines professional semi-weighted action with advanced high-speed keybed scanning technology for an ultra-expressive playing experience. Assignable aftertouch adds an extra measure of expression and control.

The Ultimate Pro Tools Keyboard Controller

Whether you are working on a Pro Tools M-Powered, Pro Tools LE® or Pro Tools|HD® system, the Axiom Pro MIDI controllers set a new standard for Pro Tools keyboard control. Advanced M-Audio HyperControl technology puts instant access to all of your Pro Tools parameters at your fingertips—including mixing, individual track functionality, and unparalleled control of virtual instruments such as Xpand!, Strike and Hybrid.

Different Strokes

The Axiom Pro keyboard controller line is the first to combine MIDI control with ASCII keystrokes. You can assign any button on Axiom Pro 61 to send ASCII messages accessing any of the available QWERTY keyboard shortcuts within your host DAW. Imagine the possibilities with Copy, Paste, Duplicate, New Track—anything you want to assign.

Complete MIDI Control

Axiom Pro 61 has an amazing 65 MIDI-assignable controls, putting complete session control in one place. The eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads integrate acclaimed M-Audio Trigger Finger technology for laying down rhythm tracks or triggering loops and samples. Smoothly control parameters like filters, EQ and panning with the eight rotary encoder knobs. The nine 40mm sliders (each with its own fully assignable button) feature auto-mute to prevent jumping—ideal for controlling mixes, virtual organ drawbars and more. The keyboard’s extensive controllers also include 12 fully assignable buttons in the keypad arrangement, a data/octave button, pitch bend and mod wheels, aftertouch, and dual assignable pedal jacks. In addition to USB connectivity, you’ll also find traditional MIDI In and MIDI Out ports for connecting external MIDI devices.

Total Recall

The Axiom Pro 61 keyboard has 50 memory locations—each with four quick-access profiles of controller assignments—allowing you to easily create and manage your own extensive library of presets with unprecedented power, ease and flexibility.


  • 61-note, TruTouch semi-weighted, piano-style, professional-action keybed
  • Proprietary HyperControl MIDI mapping and host control
    • Automatically maps controllers to popular DAWs and software instruments—and maintains a constant live link between them
    • Compatible with digital audio workstations including Pro Tools®, Cubase, Logic and Reason*
    • Graphic LCD groups and names controls modularly with 4 dedicated profiles per group for easy recall
    • Dedicated button toggles between Mixer and Instrument control modes
    • Transport-only mode option enables DAW transport control and track navigation combined with user MIDI controller mappings

  • ASCII messages for software keyboard shortcuts
  • 65 MIDI-assignable controls in total
    • 9 sliders, with auto-mute to prevent jumping
    • 9 buttons complementing the sliders
    • 8 rotary encoders
    • 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads
    • 12 buttons in keypad arrangement
    • 6 transport buttons
    • 7 function keys
    • Aftertouch
    • 1 sustain pedal socke
    • 1 expression pedal socket
    • 1 data/octave button
    • Pitch bend and modulation wheels

  • 50 onboard memory locations
  • USB bus-powered
  • MIDI Out and MIDI In ports for extended external connectivity
  • 4 programmable keyboard zones


  • Compatible with the following DAWs:
    • Pro Tools LE 7.4 and above
    • Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 and above
    • Reason
    • Cubase
    • Live
    • Logic

  • Size: 38.4 x 11.2 x 2.6 (inches); 97.6 x 28.5 x 6.6 (cm)


  • Minimum System Requirements (PC)
    • Windows XP (SP3)*
      • 800MHz or higher, 256MB RAM
      • DirectX 9.0b or higher

    • Windows Vista SP2 (32Bit , 64 Bit) / Win7 (32Bit , 64 Bit)
      • 1GHz or higher, 1GB RAM
      • DirectX 10 or higher

    • *Home and Professional Edition only. Windows Media Center Edition is not currently supported.
    • M-Audio recommends you also check the minimum system requirements for your software, as they may be greater than the above.

  • Minimum System Requirements (Mac)
    • Mac OS X 10.4.9
      • G4**, 733MHz, 512MB RAM

    • Mac OS X 10.5.0
      • G4**, 867MHz, 768MB RAM

    • **Native USB port required; G3/G4 accelerator cards not supported.
    • M-Audio recommends you also check the minimum system requirements for your software, as they may be greater than the above.